Help needy children of Jerusalem

Tsidkat-Eliaou gives support to the needy of Jerusalem, and offers you the opportunity to be a partner in our different actions. In return we will send delegates to pray for you at the Kotel or on the graves of Tzadikim.

Contact us for more information.

  • Children of Jerusalem

    Children of Jerusalem

    Help children of Jerusalem coming from helpless families

  • Hessed


    Discover all of our actions: food, clothing and financial aids, (vouchers)…

  • Tzedaka


    The power and wonders of Tzedaka, a « defender » for…

  • Bikur Holim

    Bikur Holim

    Hospital rounds and distribution of goodies to sick children…

  • Leilui Nishmat

    Leilui Nishmat

    We recite the Kaddish, and undertake actions in the memory of…

  • Special PETEK at the Kotel

    Special PETEK at the Kotel

    We will be your messengers to insert your name and prayer between the stones of the Kotel…

  • Berakhot


    Prayers by the Kotel and on the graves of Tsadikim during 40 days…

  • Tzadikim


    Discover the miracles and wonders of our master Baba Sale.

  • Tzadik E.Amsellem

    Tzadik E.Amsellem

    The tzadik’s life, Rabbi Elyaou Amsellem Zatsal, father in law of the Sidna Baba Sale…

  • A righteous man

    A righteous man

    About Tsadikim it is written (Yirmiya / Jeremiah 7.4) ...

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Shavuot - The giving of the Torah


Shavuot - The giving of the Torah

The annual cycle of sacred solemnities, correspond to the seven stages, which constitute in the historic evolution, the successive phases of the Jewish people creation.

How to acquire the weapon of victory ?


How to acquire the weapon of victory ?

Rav huna brings in the name of Rav Binyamin son of Levy: “Here is a parable: One day a king told his son,” Go faraway to trade”. He replied, “I am afraid of robbers and pirates”.

The Baba Sale’s Synagogue in Jerusalem
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Urgence : Aidez les enfants démunis de Jérusalem